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Lauren Mitchell is a doctoral candidate (ABD) in the Clemson University RCID program. She also teaches
design in Clemson’s school of architecture. After an influential course with theorist Gregory Ulmer, Lauren
expanded her academic interests toward transdisciplinary studies in visualization and rhetorics. With her
background in architecture and architectural pedagogy, she now seeks to integrate a deeper appreciation
of visual rhetoric within the design of our shared public spaces.

Sample Publication:
Seeing Practices

Recent Design Research:
Pedagogy/ Research Map
911 D I S P E R S E D Memorial
Electronic Sentinals

Student Work Portfolio_ University of Florida 2007-2008
Comprehensive Portfolio_ 2006-present

Architecture + Electrate + Rhetoric Play:
RCID POSTreview serieson
Electronic monument to positive deviancy
A,Z,E,R,T your design process, game of Chance
significance of Shadow
Image Category= Inner Disturbance  

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